I would just like to take this time to welcome you to Immanuel Baptist Church.  If you ever take the opportunity to visit with us in one of our Sunday school classes, Discipleship classes, or Worship services; we truly believe that you will come to know Jesus. It is of most importance that the members of Immanuel Baptist Church commit to follow through with our process statement and teach this to our new members and visitors.  We want you to IBC!  INVITE others to come to Immanuel Baptist Church. BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven and through our repentance (asking for forgiveness and turning from our sin and self) God will keep His promise to wash away all of our sins. We also believe that you are called to COMMIT to living out your faith.  The IBC process continues throughout our growth and discipleship as members who want to completely experience God.  We will then INVITE you to be a part of one or more of our ministries and to serve others.  We also want you to BELIEVE that God has brought you here to be an active part of the IBC family.  If you do those things, then we want to see you COMMIT to helping others to repeat this process through Bible study, discipleship, and service.  God has great plans for you and for IBC…and we want you to be EXCITED that HE has brought you here for “such a time as this”.  God bless you, we love you, and most important GOD LOVES YOU!